Exploration and comparison of various parasitic solutions and parasitic-centric calculations

Exploration and comparison of various parasitic solutions and parasitic-centric calculations

This webinar will provide an overview on methods and tools to review parasitic extractor results and to perform a number of analyses on the parasitic netlists.

Parasitic extraction is an important steps in the physicial backend verification flow. It is a corner stone for sign off verification methods, yet it is often seen as black magic for a number of designers who blindly rely on results provided by commercial tools, until simulation results are not as expected. It then becomes a challenge to open this “parasitic” black box to understand if what is experienced is a bug or a feature.

During this webinar we will introduce tools and methods that help solving these mind bogling issues. We will also see how to build a power QA methodology to prevent unexpected results to happen when the parasitic extraction flow is updated. Eventually we will present a number of very simple but effective ways to perform parasitic-based calculations to get faster to first pass success.

What attendees will learn:

  • Methods to explore and debug parasitic designs.
  • Methods to compare and survey various parasitic extraction solutions.
  • Simple method to obtain parasitic-centric results.


Jean-Pierre Goujon Mr. Jean-Pierre Goujon is Application Manager for Silvaco France. He is responsible for customer technical support for EDA products, with a specific interest in parasitic analysis and reduction products. Prior to this position, he has been AE manager for Edxact for 12 years and had various AE responsibilities at Cadence, Simplex and Snaketech mostly in the field of parasitic extraction.

Mr. Goujon holds a BSc in EEE from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK and a MS in EEE from Ecole Supérieure de Chimie, Physique, Electronique de Lyon, France.

Who should attend:

CAD teams, engineers and management looking for solutions to evaluate, survey, understand and improve their parasitic extraction flows. Engineers looking for smart methods to build custom analyses flows based on parasitic-centric figures (resistance, capacitance, interconnect delays).