Volume 28, Number 3, July - August - September 2018

3D Topography Simulation of SiC Epitaxial Growth Modeled by Diffusive Flux and Gibbs-Thomson Effect

One of wide bandgap semiconductors, SiC has been widely applied to the power devices, and then, the super-junction MOS transistor of SiC is being investigated...

An Empirical Composition Dependent Model of Dopant Diffusion Coefficients in Si, Si1-x Gex and Ge Material Systems

Abstract—In this work a compact and fast empirical model for diffusion coefficients of dopants in material silicon-germanium (Si1-x Gex) is presented. It is composition...

TCAD Simulation of Leakage Through Threading Dislocations in GaN-based pn-diode

Gallium nitride (GaN)-based devices for power electronics show superior performance in comparison to silicon carbide and silicon-based devices [1]–[3].

Hints, Tips and Solutions

DeckBuild Remote VM Setup

This document describes how to setup a virtual environment suitable for the deckbuild remote mode.