Volume 28, Number 2, April - May - June 2018

TCAD Simulation of Si and GaAs p-n Junction Devices at Cryogenic Temperatures, Down to 2 K

Cryogenic electronics plays a fundamental role in several applications, such as spacecraft, high-energy physics experiments, metrology...

Bi-axial Deformation with Victory Mesh for Flexible Electronic Applications

For high performance large area flexible electronics, amorphous metal oxide semiconductor based thin film transistors offer many advantages.

TCAD-based GaN HEMT Scalable Modeling Flow Using the MVSG Compact Model

Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility (GaN HEMT) device technology has gained a lot of traction during the last years. These devices have significant advantages compared...

Hints, Tips and Solutions

Adding Random Noise to Mask Layout

Geometrical module of Victory Process allows the fast and accurate transfer of mask patterns to the structure. However, sometimes it is necessary to emulate the imperfections of physical processes while retaining the speed and accuracy of the geometrical approximation.