Volume 27, Number 3, July - August - September 2017

Calculating Failures In Time Rates for FinFET Circuits Using TCAD

In this article we present a methodology for obtaining the Weibull function curve required for calculating the Failures In Time (FIT) rate of typical circuits in a reasonable time, using only TCAD simuations.

Optical Simulation of Liquid Crystals in the In-plane Switching Mode

In this article, we will show the calculation of light transmission through an LC cell including a uniaxial LC layer by an optical simulation.

TCAD Simulations of TFET and Tunneling Diode

We will discuss the basics of the devices and how we can simulate the devices in Atlas using the non-local tunneling model provided in Silvaco TCAD tools.

TFT Panel Simulation Using SmartSpice Pro

In this paper, we demonstrate that Fast-SPICE simulators, represented in this work by SmartSpicePro, offer an efficient solution to this problem.