Embedded Processors

Our extensive collection of ColdFire IP gives you the flexibility to choose the best solution for your cost/performance requirements while benefiting from the huge ecosystem of development resources available for the ColdFire architecture. Deployed in over 500 million devices worldwide, ColdFire is one of the world's most widely-used 32-bit processor architectures. And the modern implementations of the ColdFire architecture, proven in devices from Freescale Semiconductor and available as synthesizable IP from Silvaco, provide performance and reliability that rival any similarly featured 32-bit processor IP.

All ColdFire cores feature a variable-length RISC architecture for compact code and are supported by an extensive collection of development systems, tools, libraries, and operating systems from Freescale and several third-party commercial and open-source providers.

ColdFire Cores

The ColdFire V4 Core is the high-end member of the ColdFire processor family with over 500 DMIPS of performance at 345 MHz and support for Linux as well as several RTOS's. A fully-integrated enhanced MAC (EMAC) and optional FPU provide hardware support for DSP operations and floating-point calculations, while tightly-coupled local SRAM and 4-way set-associative instruction/data caches connected to Harvard high-speed local buses maximize system efficiency.

The ColdFire V2 Core is a mid-level processor core with single-cycle-access local SRAM and ROM and a direct-mapped cache that can be configured as instruction cache, data cache, or split instruction/data cache. The ColdFire V2 Core delivers over 250 DMIPS of performance at 240 MHz and includes an optional EMAC unit for DSP-like functions and faster execution of multiply instructions.

The ColdFire V1 Core is a scaled-down implementation of the ColdFire Architecture for cost-sensitive applications. At under 20K gates in the minimum configuration, the ColdFire V1 Core still delivers over 270 DMIPS at 240 MHz. Like all ColdFire IP from Silvaco, the ColdFire V1 Core is delivered as fully synthesizable Verilog source code. However, the ColdFire V1 Core is also available in one additional low-cost package: an encrypted Verilog version avaliable for purchase online in the Silvaco Core Store .


ColdFire Subsystems

For those who prefer pre-assembled subsystems, Silvaco also offers a variety of ColdFire-based subsystems including:

  • ColdFire V4 Core & Standard Product Platform (SPP): A complete subsystem featuring the ColdFire V4 Core, integrated AMBA 2 AHB/APB fabric with multi-master/multi-slave AHB Crossbar Switch, and a collection of integrated peripherals. The ColdFire V4 Core & SPP is currently available in three configurations featuring zero, one, or two Fast Ethernet Controllers.
  • ColdFire V2 Core & SPP: A complete subsystem featuring the ColdFire V2 Core, integrated AMBA 2 AHB/APB fabric with multi-master/multi-slave AHB Crossbar Switch, and a collection of integrated peripherals matching the MCF5208 IC from Freescale Semiconductor. The ColdFire V2 Core & SPP is also available in a minimum configuration with only a basic set of essential peripherals.
  • ColdFire V1 Platform:A fully configurable microcontroller subsystem built from the same ColdFire V1 processor IP that is implemented in ColdFire+ family devices from Freescale Semiconductor. The ColdFire V1 Platform extends the core processor platform used in Freescale’s MCF51Qx and MCF51Jx devices to include a set of production-proven peripheral modules, each of which can be included in or excluded from your ColdFire V1 Platform implementation depending on your system requirements.

Variations of the ColdFire V1, V2, and V4 subsystems, using different combinations of integrated peripheral IP blocks, are available upon request. For more information, contact us at ip@silvaco.com.