16-bit Microprocessors

C166SV1™ 16-bit Controller from Infineon has great performance, beating many 32-bit CPUs, and is supported by an extensive ecosystem of software development and debug tools, operating systems, application software, boards, and modeling tools. The C166SV1’s exceptional quality and reliability has made it a standard in the automotive sector and networking applications.


The following Microprocessors are available for purchase online:

V1 ColdFire® 32-bit Processor from Freescale provides high performance, low power, low gate count (40K gates), and low cost, and boasts complete hardware development and software tool ecosystems.  The V1 ColdFire microprocessor includes an industry standard AMBA AHB interface, optional MAC and hardware divide units to accelerate DSP operations, and an on-chip single pin debug unit for application software debug. 

V1 ColdFire® Processor for Altera from Freescale is available free-of-charge from Silvaco, is the same V1 ColdFire® processor core implemented in Freescale’s MCF51QExx devices, but delivered to you as an SOPC Builder-ready design, optimized for the Altera Cyclone® III FPGA.

HCS08 Processor from Freescale is a state-of-the-art, high performance, low-power processor.  The HCS08 is in production in hundreds of millions of and thousands of embedded systems are utilizing it.